Devyan Biswas

Devyan Biswas

Majoring in Computer Science and Engineering

Currently, Devyan is an undergraduate student pursuing a BS in Computer Science and Engineering at UCLA, hoping to work in/with large scale IoT systems, cloud computing, and model-based AI. 

Devyan has spent significant time in engineering during his time at Valley Christian High School. He worked in the ISS program, where he designed and developed microgravity experiments, and in the rocketry program, where he worked on developing telemetry systems. 

In UCLA, Devyan is a part of the Daily Bruin, where he works in the internal tools division as a part of the Kerckhoff (content management system) team.

Within GIRS, Devyan is working on the Hybrid Causal Logic Analyzer project in Dr. Mihai Diaconeasa's group.

Devyan enjoys music, and also plays guitar and sings. He has a twin sister in the same major at UCLA as well!