On the Use of Dual Variational Principles for the Estimation of Error in Approximate Solutions of Diffusion Problems

Publication Date May 01, 1967 by YaSinsky J.B., Kaplan S.

An exploration is made into a method for using reciprocal variational problems to develop figures of merit or approximate solutions of diffusion problems. The theory of the reolprocal problems Is described in both a continuous and discrete context.

Connections with the method of Slobodyansky are discussed. A strategem Is presented for extending the method to the (non-self-adjoint) group-dlffuslon oase. Limitations of the method are discussed and numerical examples given. It is concluded that the method is useful in one, two, and perhaps in small three dimensional problems but is probably computationally not practical for full-blown, detailed, three-dimensional calculations.

Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory, Westinghouse Electric Corporation, West Mifflin, Pennsylvania 15122, Received May 1. 1967. Nuclear Science and Engineering: 31, 80-90 (1968)

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