Daniel Metlay


Dr. Metlay received his Bachelor of Science degrees from Caltech in molecular biology and medieval history and his Masters and Doctoral degrees in public policy from the University of California, Berkeley. He taught political science at Indiana University and MIT. He has worked in the Carter White House and with the Secretary of Energy on radioactive waste issues. Until recently he was a member of the Senior Professional Staff of the U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board, an independent federal agency charged with evaluating the technical and scientific validity of the Department of Energy’s high-level radioactive waste management program. In addition to his work in this area, Dr. Metlay has authored numerous publications dealing with technology policy, regulation, and organization behavior. Dr. Metlay has testified before Congress and several state legislative committees. His immediate research agenda is the preparation of a monograph examining the technical and institutional challenges of developing a deep-mined, geologic repository for high-level radioactive waste in the United and abroad.